Blogging Challenge Recap

I did it: one month of blogging every day. (I missed one day.)

This site began as a Praxis module and ended as a creative space where I come to share my thoughts.

This month was only the beginning; I didn’t get nearly deep enough in my posts.

Growth as a writer was my main goal. I know a lot more about content writing now than I did a month ago.

As I reflect on the past month—and the past year—I’m reminded of the mistakes I made. But mistakes ought not stop us from improving. In fact, making mistakes is the fastest way to improve.

My posts varied in length, substance, importance, and quality. (Just like all lessons in life.)

But the jig isn’t up. I’m gonna keep writing. This time next year I’ll be the best blogger around, or, at the very least, I’ll be monumentally better than I am right now.

So here’s to the New Year, your health, continued growth, and the written word.




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