It’s Better to Ask Yourself for Permission than Forgiveness

It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. 

It’s that phrase we’ve all heard before. The implication being someone other than us must gift us permission.

Bull hickey.

We give ourselves permission. To pretend otherwise is to vanquish personal responsibility and freedom.

Your opinion is the one that matters most. Not your friends’. Not your parents’ and grandparents’.

Give yourself permission. You’re the only one who truly can.

I was listening to the Deschool Yourself podcast with Zak Slayback and Jeff Till this morning; T.K. Coleman was the guest. They spoke about how deeply ingrained the “schooling mindset” is within us.

T.K. said most rules are more about making the lives of the rule-makers easier than anything else.

A part of me gets mad when I see people jaywalking. That’s the rule-follower in me. The bigger part of me, the rule-hater, says, “Hell yeah! Go on and walk those jays, sir!”

As I was listening to the podcast this morning I came upon a police officer directing traffic. And oh boy did it ever piss me off. I would’ve seen red if his dandy reflective jacket wasn’t such a sickening shade of sour yellow.

I can navigate traffic without your whistley assistance, officer. But thanks anyway.

Sometimes rule-makers and rule-enforcers have good intentions. I don’t give a shit. Good results—that’s all that matters.

I guess I just wanted to write this to remind myself (and you) that it’s a constant struggle. We must fight the urge to ask for permission from others. We should instead focus our time and efforts on shaping a life wherein we’re privileged enough to ask for permission only from ourselves.

That’s the kind of life I want to live.